“However, the best gig of the night turns out to be the last act Eik, who are on in a dingy basement venue called Six Pence. The four piece dabble with nineties house, combining keyboards, live drumming and female vocals belting out the obligatory lyrical clichés typical of the genre. Towards the end of the set, many in the audience are in danger of sustaining cranial injuries as they try to avoid hitting the low ceiling while dancing.”
Olav Furniss (BBC, Clash, The Guardian) from the Sørveiv festival in Kristiansand, Norway

22.03.2014 Ballroom, Oslo Sukkerfest
06.02.2014 Vulkan Arena, Oslo Oslo Trendfilmfestival
06.08.2013 Fisk & Vilt Oslo Øyafestivalen klubbdagen
02.07.2013 Roskilde festival Roskilde website
27-06-2013 Internasjonalen Oslo EIK & MALMØ Elektronite
09-05-2013 Sandefjord Skiringsdal Folkehøgskole
18-04-2013 Mesh, Oslo Roskilde Roadtrip Oslo
09-11-2012 Sørveiv Kristiansand
02-11-2012 Jaeger Oslo Split gig with our friends Malmø
05-10-2012 Månefisken Oslo Elektrostat festival – more info here
17-02-2012 Jaeger Oslo by:Larm festival
16-02-2012 Gloria Flames Oslo by:Larm festival