About Eik

Eik are Per Kåre Limmesand (keyboards) and Kristoffer Carlsen (drums). Both live and on their album the duo are joined by guest vocalists who deliver their melodic and catchy songs. Eik are inspired by artists like Goldfrapp, Röyksopp, Groove Armada, Jamie Woon, Jean Michel Jarre and William Orbit.

Eik´s debut album ‘Undetected’ was produced by the Norwegian electronica guru Knut Sævik, who has reached international acclaim with his own electronica project ‘Mungolian Jet Set’. ‘Undetected’ can best be described as a crossbreed between many electronica genres, from slow-house and ambient to catchy electropop and dance.

Together as Eik, both Per Kåre Limmesand and Kristoffer Carlsen have a rich background in music. Keyboardist and composer Per Kåre Limmesand has a Master of Science degree in acoustics and electronics. Besides making music, he works as an acoustic consultant in the firm Brekke & Strand acoustics. Per Kåre played classical piano before he turned to pop and electronic music, however the influence of classical music remains very much present thoughout ‘Undetected’.

Drummer Kristoffer Carlsen has a Master in Music on the topic ‘Groove Events and the Experience of Pulse in Contemporary African-American Popular Music’. Kristoffer has been an active musician on the Oslo scene for years and his inspiration ranges from jazz/improv and funk to electronic music.

When playing live Eik expands to a band of four, with guest vocalist and extra synth bass. The songs from the album are played in club versions, and drummer Kristoffer Carlsen ensures hypnotic rhythms to the dance floor!

Eik live musicians are:
Per Kåre Limmesand – keyboards
Kristoffer Carlsen – drums
Christine Ekeberg – vocals
Uy Hoang – synth bass